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STATEMENT of the Board of Directors of the Polish Business Roundtable concerning current changes in the Polish judicial system
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16 July, 2017

The Board of Directors of the Polish Business Roundtable has major reservations about the way in which changes are being introduced to the Polish judicial system. We are also very concerned about the practical effects of the proposed solutions which may open the way to violating fundamental values shared by all democratic states.

The Polish Business Roundtable has maintained the same position regarding the Polish judiciary for years: the system is dysfunctional and requires in-depth reforms, especially with respect to the effective functioning of the public sector and economic activity in our country. However, the position of the judiciary, as well the separation of powers and their checks and balances, are fundamental to the political system of Poland, which is why they should not be hastily transformed without deeper reflection.

We call for conducting an extensive debate regarding these issues, a debate which would be free from political hysteria and attempts to pursue partisan interests. In our opinion, a wide social consensus on how to improve the functioning of the judiciary should be achieved before taking any direct legislative action.

Therefore, we appeal to the President of the Republic of Poland to veto the act amending the Act on the National Council of the Judiciary of Poland and other acts concerning the Polish legal order. We also appeal to Deputies and Senators to vote against the draft act on the Supreme Court tabled to Parliament.

Board of Directors of the Polish Business Roundtable