The Polish Business Roundtable Award
The Polish Business Roundtable Award is one of the most important business prizes in Poland. Its aim is to honor businessmen, visionaries, and social activists for their extraordinary achievements. Since 2012, the Polish Business Roundtable Award promotes those individuals who, by virtue of their persistence, courage, and enterprising spirit, influence the social and economic reality of Poland.
Career Program
The Program offers paid internships for young people in selected companies belonging to members of the Polish Business Roundtable. Organized since 2004, the Program guarantees best quality and standards, allowing the graduates to pursue their careers in business successfully.
Promotion of Enterpreneurship
The stable development of a country depends on the condition of enterprises. The objective of the Program is to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of Poles. As part of the Program, we cooperate with leading academic and research centers and non-governmental organizations in order to effectively shape a friendly environment for business initiatives and support the economic education of Poles.

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